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Status Updates

June 17

Season 1 Success!

A huge thanks to everyone who played and participated in any capacity. We got to 61 posts with 14 people: Cody, Savannah, Kristen, Jen, Dave, Eli, Pasquale, Miri, CJ, Arthur, Andrew, Chiaki, Nancy, and myself.

You can view all the posts here, as well as filter by specific authors.

What Next?

I want to do this again! And I think we need some time to rest and read all the fun things people have written. I want to tentatively plan for doing this again sometime in the fall. If you'd like to know about the next one, just send an iMessage or email and I'll remind you when I start it up.

Thanks again for making this happen!

Keep on writing,

June 7

Couple days to go - a huge thanks to everyone who's participated so far.

Wanted to put a date down and invite everyone to final reflection call:
Sunday June 11th at 5 pm MT.

It will be a chill time to share about your experiences and anything else that we get into. Hope to see you there!


June 3

In the interest of giving myself and everyone else some more time, I’ve pushed the end date back one week to 6/11/23. Write whatever and however you can; don’t stress about it. Above all, have fun!

There will be an optional reflection call on the last day. Check back here for details soon.


May 28

Blogchain season 1 begins! See the original invitation here.